Everest Base Camp Best Trekking Routes

So you have decided to make the trip, you are out researching the possible routes to trek up to the Everest Base Camp from Nepal. There are three key routes that you could take… Read on for the two routes, truly less taken!

Choice of Routes for Trekking to Everest Base Camp (EBC)

The decision entirely depends on your appetite for adventure, the time available at hand and the when you are travelling. The touristy route is way too busy, instead I’ll cover the routes less taken!

Route 1: Three Peaks & Passes: The path less taken!

This is the route that we took for our trek to the Everest Base camp. On the early part of the trek you share the same route as the tourist trail, but then very quickly branch out to cover the beautiful Chuckung Ri; Take the Kongmala Pass over to Lobuche; Tick off the Everest Base Camp & Kalapathar. Explore the Cho la pass, Gokyo Ri, Gokyo Lakes and then finally the Renjo La Pass. Don’t underestimate this route! This route requires physical as well as mental strength…
You can trek this route from right to left or left to right, trekkers are torn between the two camps, though there seems to be more support for doing the trek from (right to left) Khumjung first as thats a sensible elevation gain as compared to the other side!

Route Map

This route is superb! The dark red line in the map below is a must do, although you can branch out further to cover ama dablan base camp or island peak base camp as optional.
Image – The Three Peaks & High Passes EBC route map


In the chart below, i’ve charted the route by altitude to give you a feel for the extreme altitudes you would be at during a large part of the trek, it is fair to say that 70% of the trek is at an altitude > 4500 meters. While it sounds cool, it is very taxing on the body, especially if you get caught out when not acclimatized properly.


Image – EBC the Three Peaks & Passes Elevation Analysis

Route Elevation Analysis

Science says that net altitude gain within 24 hours should be less than 500 meters. It’s best to acclimatize an extra day or two in early part of the trek to prepare yourself rather than regret later. I’ll do a separate blog post on how to best acclimatize on this route, including some exercise routines and possible remediation with medication… The chart below shows you the elevation analysis over the course of the route…

Image – EBC Three Peaks & Passes Route Daily Elevation Analysis


Wondering what time to visit? Check out my blog post on Best time to Visit EBC..

Route 2: From Jiri – Also known as the Expedition Route

  • Start your trek from Jiri-Shivalaya by taking a day’s journey from Kathmandu.
  • This is the path less taken, still very peaceful and un-congested
  • Recommended as the long steady elevation gain prepares you well for the high altitudes
  • Budget in 15-17 days to complete this route

My husband trekked this route in 2010, his travelogue with details of the route, elevations & tea house recommendations is available in his travel blog here Jiri to EBC in less than $100.

Happy Travels!


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