Best Of Copenhagen

Copenhagen:  Capital of the happiest country on Earth.

That’s a fact! At least according to countless studies conducted on the subject. Take a stroll through the beautiful Danish capital on a summer’s day, and you understand why. Beautiful architecture,  friendly, good looking people on bikes everywhere.

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For winters, Danes invented a word: “Hygge”(pronounced “hooga”)! Ranked third place in a survey conducted about the world’s most loveable words that cannot be translated, but its roughly translated to something like “Denmark’s wooly, candle-lit version of coziness”

Things to Do –

Tivoli Gardens

Tivoli is the world’s second-oldest amusement park and a much-loved attraction in this family-friendly city. Lives up to its hype, tucked between flowering gardens and outdoor cafés right in the city center, making it charming

“The Little Mermaid”

“Overrated, but a Copenhagen MUST”, On the waterfront on Langelinie Pier – This is probably the most overrated attraction in all of Copenhagen… that being said, it’s also one of those things that everyone takes a picture of if they go there. The statue itself is just a small thing that has 50+ tourist around at any given time.

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Nyhavn -canalside path is full of camera-wielding

People call it a tourist trap but  it’s one of the loveliest spots in Copenhagen. Colorful buildings, sidewalk cafes/bars, shopping, great people watching, boats. There is a huge anchor that makes a swell place for a photo. I liked all of it!  During the day you can take a sightseeing boat from there and admire the colourful buildings and at night you can enjoy a drink or a bite to eat in any of the various restaurants and bars.

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Kongens Nytorv –

Its public square in Copenhagen, Denmark, centrally located at the end of the pedestrian street Strøget. It has some really cool designs like Happy Wall , funny art…

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The Round Tower

Its a uniquely-designed Round Tower observatory provides one of the best views of Copenhagen.

Rosenborg Castle –

Rosenborg Castle is not only a beautiful historic building, it is also a fascinating museum of cultural history which houses some of Denmark’s greatest cultural treasures

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Amalienborg Palace –

Amalienborg Palace is the winter home of the Danish royal family. Every day at noon, you can watch the change of guards in the court yard. When HM the Queen is in residence, the ceremony is called The King’s Watch (Kongevagt) and the guards are accomopanied by the Royal Guards music band.

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Christianshavn –

Wander along the picturesque cobbled canal streets called Overgaden neden Vandet and Overgaden oven Vandet. Lined with yachts and houseboats, you can rent rowing boats here and take a drink in the café on the water.

Christiania –

When entering Christiania it is therefore extremely important that you follow the Do’s and Don’ts signs up at the entrances. Here you’ll find advice against running or talking on the mobile phone inside Christiania. As well as this, visitors must not take photographs or film inside Christiania.

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Christiania is not an attraction and contains no actual sights, this hippy enclave is a fascinating example of self-determination and community activism and has provided inspiration for millions of idealistic visitors since it first started in an abandoned army barracks on the Copenhagen island of Holmen in 1971. This place is unique in the world, It’s a place that means different things to different people

Torvehallerne –

Food heaven! Torvehallerne is a high quality, organic food market, similar to those you might find in Spain, Italy, or even London. But since this is Scandinavia, everything here seems a bit more organized – and well designed. More than 80 vendors sell their goods inside, so the selection is breathtaking, serving Danish delicacies, international cuisine, coffee, cakes, drinks and fresh produce. This is a foodie paradise and not to be missed!

Rådhuspladsen –

City’s focal point is a public square in the centre of Copenhagen, Denmark, located in front of the Copenhagen City Hall. Due to its large size, its central location and its affiliation with the city hall, it is a popular venue for a variety of events, celebrations and demonstrations

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City alleyways –

Copenhagen’s old centre is criss-crossed with interesting little passages and alleyways, great for exploring and taking pictures. Just head out on streets like Strøget and Læderstræde and keep your eyes open left and right for some of the best examples!

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Tycho Brahe Planetarium

An OK place to pop into.  The exhibition is quite small, you’ll go through it all in 30 minutes. There is a lot of 3D movies that can be seen. But on a good summer day, this area is a beautiful place to walk.

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canal tour is the most popular option for seeing Copenhagen’s many waterways, but a DIY version, via kayak, gets you even closer.

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 Amager Strandpark – Perfect to bike/sit/walk/watch

Denmark excels in design and the Amager Strandpark is one of the Europe’s greatest summer attractions. With everything but great surf, this place goes off, great eye candy, great sand and a variety of attractions you can jump off. The water is clean with a fine sand bottom, A mecca for wind surfers and novice divers, the clever Danes have thought of everything.

Carlsberg Brewery

Four life sized elephants greet visitors to the brewery, and they symbolize Carl’s four surviving children.

If you’re an elephant beer fan, it’s a must see! Largest collection of beer in the world, the elephant statue at the entrance, how carlsberg is made, the ingredient of the elephant beer, how they promote and transport beer throughout the century and of course have a drink! All can be seen here. Free of charge if you have a copenhagen card. However it’s not in the city centre and you’ll have to walk a bit after getting off the bus.

Eat & Drink –

Copenhageners like it healthy, There are tons of coffee shops, bars, and small shops dotted along this stretch, which are worth going to and spending time. The walk culminated at the beautiful Nyhavn waterfront area, which had a magical look to it with open air restaurants lined on one side and the boats docked in the harbor on the other side.

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Smørrebrød comes in hundreds of varieties including veggie options, fish, pate or meat

Denmark is known for its Carlsberg and Tuborg beers and for its akvavit and bitters although imported wine is now gaining popularity.

Copenhagen boasts the most Michelin stars of any city in Scandinavia. Try Noma in Christianshavn, twice voted the best restaurant in the world.

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Best Bars & Cafes-

Mikkeller – An award winning brewery in the red light district where you’ll find 19 draught beers and a really relaxed vibe. There are not enough hours in a day or braincells in your head to “through” this place in one visit. Be sure to ask for a taster before making your final choice.

Ruby – A ‘hidden’ place with great atmosphere! Try the Rapscallion. “A smokey, Scottish version of the Manhattan.” Ruby’s signature cocktail

Ørsted Ølbar – Perfect choice for those who appreciate the atmosphere of a classic sports bar with a great selection of beers.

Paludan Bogcafé – Best Nacho cheese. It is surrounded by old bookshelves, which creates a cosy, almost library-like atmosphere.

Granola – Morning coffee? Come early! Go for the cortado and toasted rye bread with jam.

The Coffee Collective – Try coffee of the Day. Made with precision a experience to watch and a explosion of taste.

The Living Room – Best Chai Latte in Copenhagen! A must for non-coffee drinkers.

Café Norden – This is a huge and old cafe in the center of the city where they make the best cocktails, coffee and open Danish sandwiches.

Shopping in Copenhagen-

Strøget – This is the world’s longest pedestrian shopping street with two huge shopping malls occupied by most of the high street brand  but there are some quintessentially Danish jewels there too which sell irresistible, beautifully-designed housewares!

Home is where the Danish designer goods are – Copenhagen is rich with design-led stores selling trendy lights, ingenious kitchenware, cheerful home furnishings and exquisite glass and ceramics.

Walking Route….

Start strolling on the famous shopping street Strøget, starting from Copenhagen’s City Hall and walking past the Kongens Nytrov until you reach the Nyhavn area. It is a beautiful walk that lets you experience the pulse of the city at a leisurely pace.

This is the representative part of Copenhagen, the area with the Royal Palaces, churches, and the old harbour, the beautiful Marmorkirken, the church also known as Frederiks Kirke. Turning right, we are approaching the Royal palace Amalienborg.

From here, we can access the waterfront and take a long stroll, soaking in some Scandinavian sun and sights, including the spectacular new opera house, the National theater and finally Nyhavn. This old part of the harbour is a magnet for tourist, but it’s also mighty pretty. Take a look at the Lego-like colored buildings.

Fact – Cycling is one of the best ways to explore the city, and you can take bikes on trains. Public transport is efficient. It takes 15 minutes to travel from the airport to the city center by metro, and trains run 24 hours a day.

Fact –  Copenhagen is extra-green- The Danish capital has electric buses, recycling-crazy citizens, clean harbors and shops selling clothes made from organic bamboo. A full 64% of the city’s hotel rooms are certified as eco-friendly. Three-quarters of the food served in public institutions is organic.

By 2025, Copenhagen plans to be the world’s first carbon-neutral capital.

Day Trips from Copenhagen

If you have 3-5  full days in Copenhagen its worth doing one of the day trips –

Kronborg Castle – Kronborg is a castle in the town of Helsingør, Denmark. Immortalized as Elsinore in William Shakespeare’s play Hamlet, Kronborg is one of the most important Renaissance castles in Northern Europe and has been added to UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites list.

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art – overlooking the Oresund Sound, is a quick 35-minutes by train away and hard to beat. Perfect venue for a day out in the country.

National Aquarium Denmark, Den Blå Planet in Kastrup – Denmark’s Aquarium is Northern Europe’s largest aquarium and offers a unique experience for children and adults. The Blue Planet has water on all side and is intended to give the visitors a feeling of being under water

Malmo Sweden – Malmö is absolute worth considering.

Best to go by car- The memorable 45km (28-mile) journey along the E20 and over the Øresund Bridge takes 45 minutes. You’ll need to pay a toll on the Swedish side, whichever city you’re coming from. 

 Denmark’s capital may be expensive but it’s worth it!



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